Happy Birthday to me


Get it?

F for Films celebrates 1 year in the blogosphere!

My first real post, The Suspension of Belief, was published on June 9, 2015. Since then I’ve had a lot of fun, and met a lot of cool cinephiles online. I didn’t know if this blog would be a flash in the pan for me, but I’ll keep it going at least another year I think before I burn out!

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Sincere thanks for everyone for reading, and especially for commenting and sharing your thoughts. This has been more fun than I imagined when I started it up, thanks to you people out there in internetland. Thank you!

THE TRIAL (and The Prisoner)

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Early open concept workplace. Nightmare both then and now.

Welles and The Trial

Orson Welles’s 1962 film, The Trial, was his own loose adaptation of Franz Kafka’s German language novel from 1925. It has been justly celebrated by critics and Welles aficionados as one of his finest achievements, and is one of the few projects that he retained control of through the finished product. It is a masterwork of direction, writing, set design, and acting, but is sadly not known as well as many of his other works, probably due to the lack of a proper home video release in the US.* The film will somewhat resist interpretation, because as the narrator (Welles) famously says at the conclusion of the introduction: “It has been said that the logic of this story is the logic of a dream, of a nightmare.” Which is to say, no logic at all.

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Promotion Reciprocation Explosion




My goal in starting this blog was not so much to foist my opinions on the already overcrowded world of the blogosphere, but more to try to join in a conversation about movies that I love, and provide a chance for me to learn more about film in general. I find that I learn what I really think when I try to express it in writing. I don’t always feel that I’m successful in expressing my thoughts, but at least the attempt has been satisfying. The blog has evolved already a bit in the last year to be more focused on specific films and less on the sort of generic musings that I attempted in last summer, but I’ll probably return to some of those types of posts as time and inspiration strike.

The community aspect of blogging has been greatly aided by my participation in some blogathons, which has introduced me to a number of other great blogs, as well as bringing a lot of new readers here. I was a real skeptic about Twitter for a very long time, but I’ve come to appreciate it for what it is able to provide in terms of interaction as well. If you want to connect there, I’m @magadizer. I also recently created a Facebook page for the blog, so if you follow my blog, I’d be grateful if you would like the page there and share as well.

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