You Know What I Did This Summer

This blog post will be lost in time like….

Here’s a list (I think complete) of all the movies I saw this summer (since May, which counts as Summer in Houston). Movies with an * were first time viewings.


Hot Fuzz*

The Lady From Shanghai*

Sansho the Bailiff*

The Kid With a Bike*

Harold and Maude*

Bicycle Thieves*

The 400 Blows*

Tokyo Story*

Diary of a Country Priest*

The Ruling Class*




Rome, Open City*

A Prairie Home Companion*

The Avengers: Age of Ultron*

Taste of Cherry*

Hiroshima Mon Amour*

The Rules of the Game*

Rio Bravo*

Shadow of a Doubt*


Red River*

Love and Mercy*

Black Narcissus*

Sullivan’s Travels

The World’s End*

The Leopard*

Atari: Game Over

The Stranger*

St. Vincent*

Dead Again*

La Dolce Vita*


She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

A Separation*

The Player*

Grand Illusion*


Children of Paradise*

Jurassic Park

8 1/2*


The Purple Rose of Cairo*


Frances Ha*

Kicking and Screaming*

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

The Black Stallion*

Barry Lyndon*

Watership Down

Three Outlaw Samurai*

Song of the Sea*

Two Days, One Night*

Shaun of the Dead*

The LEGO Movie

Blade Runner

Best in Show

King Kong

I may have missed a few, but I can’t remember any more. All in all a pretty varied and interesting set of movies, with many I had never seen before. Do you see any of your favorites on the list?

2 thoughts on “You Know What I Did This Summer

  1. First pass at Rio Bravo? Interesting. I figured you would have seen that ages ago.

    I’m interested to see Francis Ha. It is always being recommended to me by both human and evil robot. Thoughts on that film?


    1. Regarding Frances Ha, this is what I posted elsewhere:

      Greta Gerwig is a fascinating actress, because from shot to shot and even in a single take, she looks like a completely different woman. It’s not just the considerable range of expressions she moves through. But from different angles and in different lighting, she seems to look entirely different. To me, she was almost unrecognizable relative to how she appeared in DAMSELS IN DISTRESS.

      It’s definitely worth a watch, even if just for seeing Greta Gerwig. It’s basically a movie about an intense friendship between two women, and it’s by turns charming, silly, and quietly reflective.


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