Criterion Blogathon

Well, I’m going to be participating in the Criterion Blogathon, hosted by Criterion Blues.

Criterion Banner FINAL

Not a bad choice…it was Col. Potter’s favorite film after all!

What will I write about? Will I choose one of Wes Anderson’s films, or Orson Welles’s? Or something altogether unexpected?

Come back in November to find out! And hopefully some time before then too.

4 thoughts on “Criterion Blogathon

  1. Thanks for the post and participating. For what it’s worth, no Wes Anderson films have been chosen and we’re above 70 blogs now after one day. Looking forward to reading what you come up with!


      1. I’m sure Anderson will be well covered. Actually, I think I see you on the list, and that is a tremendously important film. And nobody else has claimed it so congrats! 🙂


  2. Thanks, Aaron. I’ve already written a little on Wes Anderson, and I intend to spread my net out a little bit with this event.


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