Heeeeeeere’s Jeffrey!


“And there was much rejoicing.”

Jeffrey Overstreet, author of the insightful, humble, and compassionate book on film called Through a Screen Darkly, has relaunched his blog on his own new website, LookingCloser.org!

I have been following him for a few years now, and I want to highly recommend that you do the same if you have any interest in film, music, or cultural criticism. Like my other favorite film reviewer, Steven Greydanus of DecentFilms.com, he is a critic who approaches the art of film from a Christian perspective, but he is not a “Christian film critic.” If you don’t understand the difference, then you simply MUST read Jeffrey’s book. If you do understand the difference, then you also MUST read his book, for you will find sympathy, wisdom, and grace within.

Anyways, check out Jeffrey’s new site. I can heartily recommend it despite his ill-advised decision to allow me to contribute to one of his opening posts on the new site. If you want to read my recommendation for viewing the film Ace in the Hole, along with some other, more erudite contributions, check it out HERE.

And check back regularly, Jeffrey updates his site frequently like a real blogger should.

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