In Which Participation in Upcoming Blogathons is Enumerated


Dr. Tobias Fünke optimistically numbers the readers of this blog. (source)

Since I began this blog last summer, I discovered the wide world of blogathons, and have already participated in some great ones. A blogathon (goofy as the neologism may be) is a great opportunity for finding other like-minded folks who might be interested in reading what you have to write, and in turn for reading their work. I have enjoyed the chance to interact with some great writers and gracious readers, and to have some generous promotion of my own pieces by the hosts of the blogathons.

So far, I have participated in the folowing blogathons:

and the ongoing Blind Spot 2016 project, with three entries so far.

So here are the other upcoming blogathons I will be participating in for 2016. Click the banners in order to see the announcements and read the rosters of participants.


I’ll be writing on Orson Welles’s villainous Mr. Arkadin!


F for Films will cover a selection of Bugs Bunny cartoons from the banner year 1949!



Another Welles classic has a subpoena to appear on the blog: The Trial.


Heading way back to the silent era, I will do an overview of the animated films of legendary cartoonist Winsor McCay, of “Little Nemo” fame.

As always, thanks to all the hosts and fellow participants in these blogathons, and thanks to all of you for reading!

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